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Sell your junk car in Chicago

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If you live in or near Chicago, you can sell your junk car in Chicago or ask a family member to do it for you. It’s easy and fast!

It’s easy and fast. Junk cars are a fixture of the Chicago landscape, to be sure – but should you have a junk car or other vehicle taking up space on your property without being able to use it anymore.

You can sell your junk car in Chicago quickly by calling Cruz Recycling Inc. We pay top dollar for your old and unworking car, an easy way to get cash for your trash!.

Free Towing & Removal

In some cases our clients wish to drive the car to our yard, but is your vehicle is broken dow, wrecked or just dont want to wast your time drive that old wrecked car then do not worry. We will tow if for free with no extra cost or deduction to you.You might not be able to drive your junk car to us due to the fact that it is broken down, wrecked, or you simply don’t want to be seen in that old clunker of yours. If that’s the case our excellent towing service will provide you with the car removal service in Chicago that you need.

What includes having a car?

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We often think about the advantages of having a vehicle. The ease of transporting us comfortably and efficiently is one of the characteristics that most attracts us when we think of buying a car. However, many times we do not take into account other important aspects that are part of this acquisition.

The manipulation of a car is not only based on the action of transporting us, but also on our safety and the environment in which we move. Maintaining a car requires certain care, responsibility and prudence as well as maintenance costs. That is why we have decided to dedicate a space to talk about what it takes to have a car, from driving to its maintenance.

Weddings with 70’s cars

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It is very common for car lovers to include their favorite in a special event as their own wedding. However, here we will tell you why, regardless of which type or brand of car is your greatest passion, a car from the sixties is the best option to your wedding. Keep reading and you will not have more than wanting to get a nice car from the sixties to your wedding.

The greatest collectors of cars

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In the world there are dozens of people who are dedicated to making their love for cars a reality. They convert immense garages into incredible car museums that even collect the rarest and most expensive brands in the world. Thus, some collectors can have vehicle collections of up to 2,500 cars, varying old, classic and new models, generally including unique or high-value models.

The best time to buy a car

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There are many legends that are woven around what is the best season to decide to change cars. But considering that it is a decision a bit difficult to take and that the purchase of a car represents a very important financial transaction for those who decide to make the acquisition, this decision cannot be taken lightly. Therefore we will be talking about what is the best time to buy a car.

Saving gas when driving

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When we go to buy a vehicle, one of the things that we want to know about it, is that it does not exceed the gasoline consumption. Many times, it does not depend on the car we have, but on the way we use it. For this reason it is important to inform ourselves with professionals in the area, so that they can guide us in terms of fuel savings.

It is worth wrong to succeed or sell a car?

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When we acquire a good this becomes an investment immediately. A car is a good investment that, if needed, can become a quick source of money. This may be due to the rental of the vehicle, the sale or the commitment. However, it is quite difficult to determine what is the best way to obtain the benefits of this good without getting hurt.


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Los automóviles siempre han sido un medio de transporte que nos ha solucionado la vida a lo largo del tiempo ya que nos acerca a nuestro destino cada vez que lo requerimos, pero los carros no solo tienen esa funcionalidad sino que representan mucho más para las personas que adquieren uno de estos automóviles, son muchas las personas que se interesan por el diseño, la potencia, la marca, la tecnología que poseen estos carros  a tal punto que  se obsesionan por ello.

Año tras año las compañías de automóviles intentan competir en el mercado por quien presenta el mejor carro de la temporada, esmerándose en los elementos que componen dicho auto y sobre todo en la apariencia que mostraran al público para despertar de esta manera a los aficionados del motor que destinan mucho dinero en adquirir un carro, pensando en estos aficionados se han creado los distintos museos a lo largo y ancho del mundo que reflejan los carros más famosos de la historia y que son exhibidos al público en general.

Los modelos de carros viejos más vendidos

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Hoy en día los carros viejos se han convertido en la opción más común de compra y venta de vehículos. Solo hace falta echar un vistazo al internet para darse cuenta de lo populares que son los anuncios donde se ofrece o se busca información de compra de carros viejos. Si te interesa saber cuáles son los modelos de carros viejos más vendidos continúa leyendo este artículo.