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The best time to buy a car

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There are many legends that are woven around what is the best season to decide to change cars. But considering that it is a decision a bit difficult to take and that the purchase of a car represents a very important financial transaction for those who decide to make the acquisition, this decision cannot be taken lightly. Therefore we will be talking about what is the best time to buy a car.

The best time to buy a carEconomic implications of buying a car

The purchase of a car involves a significant expense, so you cannot take the decision lightly. The value of the vehicle can affect the savings of a lifetime or affect part of the patrimony of the families. For this reason it becomes essential to plan everything necessary, so that our purchase is successful. Also, if we know what the best months to buy a car are, we can get a better purchase price.

Although it sounds like a myth, the truth is that the commercial activity of the dealers is a little irregular and they are based on the regulations that they have already stipulated. This makes them change the price of their products constantly, depending on the conditions they have throughout the year. It is therefore very important to know certain aspects that dealers usually handle and that should take into account in order to make your decision to buy a car.

The closing of monthly payments

At the end of each month the dealers and employees of the concessionaires must reach certain levels established by the company for which they work and which must be reflected in their sales numbers. Therefore this stage of the month is quite favorable for those people who want to buy a car.

  • Offers tend to be much more attractive at the end of each month.
  • Sellers take pains to consolidate sales, which represents a point in favor of the buyer.
  • Be very aware of the last 4 days of each month of the year for you to quote the price of the vehicles.

At the end of the year

At this time of the year it seems a little uncertain to buy a car since they are dates of constant hustle for consumers. But something that we do not usually take into account is that in the month of December the companies that are in charge of the sales of automobiles close the portfolio of the year and must finalize the annual sales.

  • On these dates the discounts are quite significant.
  • The concessionaires in the last month of the year must comply with the stipulated budgets; for that reason they offer great publicity to attract clients who acquire their cars.
  • Also if there are any deficits that prevail from previous months in this month, they tend to correct them with new sales.


This is usually a month in which consumers are not aware of making these types of purchases; since usually people take advantage of their vacations to totally disconnect from the world. However, this is a very useful date to make the purchase of a vehicle.

  • Better prices will be found due to low demand from buyers.
  • Offers are much more attractive.
  • Companies try to attract buyers at any cost because they cannot pass a blank month without making any sales.
  • The conditions of purchase are much better and more accessible, so take advantage.

The month of the renewals of the models

In the automotive industry, the month of June is usually the one of launching new cars by the big brands dedicated to this industry. The new models are presented in the market with which they bet to get new figures. These new cars arrive at the dealerships with quite high prices, so it is advisable to know the price of the cars that are in the inventory before they leave the exhibition.

  • The prevailing need to permanently leave older cars opens a new world of possibilities for buying a car.
  • Settlements are a very good option to save some money.

Other tips to keep in mind to save money on the purchase

Once taking into account the aspects mentioned above, which is based mainly on the key dates for purchases of a car, it is recommended that you devote enough time to make the journey of different dealers. Since these can have better offer and lower prices with respect to the same vehicle model. Here are some tips that will make your search for dealers more efficient and you can buy your car.

  • Investigate on the internet the budgets that are handled by vehicles and similar models.
  • Choose the dealers closest to your usual location and compare it with others farther away to check prices and offers.
  • Arm yourself with patience to search; do not leave such an important decision to chance, because later you can regret it.
  • Look for information about the car you have in mind, because if you know what you are talking about and the stipulated price of a particular car, the sellers will not notice your lack of knowledge and will offer you many more advantages.
  • Establish a key budget to make the purchase and limit yourself to it, this is a great incentive to keep looking for a car that suits your needs and you can buy it at the price you were looking for.
  • With a constant search you can get better prices.
  • Do not be afraid to ask before making the purchase; there are other important concepts that can vary the price of the vehicle, such as registration, driving licenses, insurance policies.

With all this information you have on hand, start to devise a strategy for the future purchase of your vehicle. Mark in your calendar the best months for it, the most recurring dates and above all take into account the various factors that will make your purchase a successful transaction.

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