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Saving gas when driving

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When we go to buy a vehicle, one of the things that we want to know about it, is that it does not exceed the gasoline consumption. Many times, it does not depend on the car we have, but on the way we use it. For this reason it is important to inform ourselves with professionals in the area, so that they can guide us in terms of fuel savings.

Saving gas when drivingWhat are the ways to save gas?

There are many ways that can be done for the vehicle to save fuel. The ideal is to learn what things we should not do so that the car does not work more than usual. Here we show you some simple but effective measures to save gas:

  • Turning off the engine, when waiting for someone, makes it possible to save fuel.
  • The handling must be quiet, you must know how to play with the inertia of the car; there are those who step on the accelerator “burning rubber” which produces, not only tire wear, but an unnecessary injection of gasoline.
  • It is necessary to take the vehicle to maintenance. In order to save gasoline, the engine must be in very good condition.
  • It is essential that filters, liquids and lubricants are working well;
  • Most drivers are always speeding, this makes gasoline run faster.
  • It is recommended to keep all unnecessary objects that cause the car to weigh more, this will prevent the engine and other parts from feeling forced when the car is moving.
  • Another important point is that the battery is in good condition.
  • Turn off the air conditioning, when you are in a long wait, the engine does not inject more fuel.
  • It is good to put gasoline tubes, which are magnets that wrap the entrance tube, in order to save four percent of gasoline.
  • Whenever you are doing an errand, look for the shortest route. Many people prefer to do their errands on public transport to avoid spending gas unnecessarily.

How to drive to save gas without damaging the car?

Both ecology and economics are two big words that are responsible for defining ecological driving. With a number of rules and advice you can reduce the use of fuel, apart from reducing environmental pollution. Currently the new technologies that have been applied in the automotive field, have made that savings are achieved in the maintenance of vehicles, in the brake system, clutch, box, engine in general.

It is also advisable to plan well the trip to be made, check the tire pressure; make the speed is uniform, use the engine brake, never keep the engine stopped.

Other important tricks to spend less fuel

There are cars that spend more gasoline than others, this has to do with the model and the brand of the vehicle. For this reason it is essential to consult with professionals and inform them that it is the best for your vehicle. However there are certain basic measures or tricks that we can use to spend less fuel regardless of the brand of our car:

Measures respect to the fuel 

  • Put fuel during the morning, because of the low temperatures will be much denser, which will give more.
  • Fill the tank before it is in the middle, since it does not have much air and prevents the evaporation of gasoline.
  • Put fuel at medium pressure, do not squeeze the nozzle, as it would leave with more speed, generating steam in the tank, causing there to be less.

Car maintenance

  • It is vital to always take your car to a recognized place, since there are places where you cheat and instead of giving immediate solutions, they make you spend more money, putting pieces that will not help, to spend less gasoline.
  • New cars demand more, causing people to have more expenses, having to put more gasoline than the old ones. For this reason people prefer to change their cars in one that saves more fuel.
  • Cars are machines that require changes of parts, you have to keep them, in many cases some prefer to leave it unused.
  • Sometimes the gas pump is in poor condition, causing it to last nothing in the tank, it is good to analyze all the main causes of why our fuel is not lasting.
  • We must always analyze the situation of our vehicle, often they are problems of maintenance or neglect on our part. A car must be maintained, take it to the mechanic monthly, in order to confirm that it is working correctly. It is not comfortable when the vehicle leaves us in the middle of a road, due to lack of gasoline.
  • Let’s always try to see the pros and cons that they do, that our cars do not respond as we expect. Let’s always try to find the best solution and not sell our vehicle, without finding what is causing us to lose confidence and patience.

Buy gasoline

  • There are countries where gasoline is much cheaper than others, for this reason some drivers do not worry about saving it.
  • Currently young people are the ones who spend more fuel, since they do not have awareness in their handling, they love running along the tracks, they pass the gaps, without any kind of precaution.
  • We must know that the cost of gasoline of our vehicle must be done daily for the car to walk, we know the liters of the tank and the price we normally pay. However, when we see that the fuel runs out before time, it is quite usual to think that the gasoline we use is of very poor quality.

In general, vehicles will always respond as we treat them, they are the reflection of our behaviors. If we keep it in good condition, it will help us move and save gas. This last point is special not only for the economic savings that it entails but also because it will help to keep the environment much cleaner.

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