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evanston illinois junk car buyers

Sell your old vehicle and get EFFECTIVE in the place

If you have a vehicle that you no longer use and is occupying space, sell it. Call the scrap auto buyers of Cash for Junk Cars – Cruz Recycling Inc.

! We offer a safe, reliable and full of professionalism at all times.

Sell your garbage truck in Evanston, IL

TOP DOLLAR – Junk car buyer

As we know our business and potential, we are located in several areas to provide a better service, fast and secure. We are a business of great family trajectory.

We guarantee professional service in the Evanston area and the following areas:

Get cash in the place of your truck or junk car in Evanston, IL

If what you are looking for is to get rid of your vehicle more easily, it is best to contact an expert, as well as help you minimize your time and wear.

So call the professionals like our operators. Sell your car to professionals who will give you a fair price. Our process is simple and fast, there are only three easy steps:

  1. Call 773-722-2828. Call us and an operator located near you will attend you.
  2. Get a quote. The operators are able to offer you a quote online and fast.
  3. Choose a moment to pick up your unwanted car. In order not to bother you, we will schedule an appointment that does not pass the next 24 hours to remove the vehicle you want to sell.

Let our team of professionals take care of your vehicle, call 773-722-2828 to get a quote instantly and without obligation!

Should I hire a scrap removal service?

It’s the best you can do, nothing like an expert in the market for junk vehicles to take care of yours; it will be a faster and less tiring process. The junk car buyers of Cash for Junk Cars – Cruz Recycling Inc. work in accordance with Illinois law. Call 773-722-2828 to:

  • A free and fair appointment. We will elaborate you the best quotation of the market, adapted to the needs and characteristics of your vehicle.
  • Our bandages are simple with short processes, in general, these processes are closed in less than 24 hours.
  • An ecological solution for your problems with junk cars. Cars are never garbage. 95% of the materials that are processed can be recycled or reused, so that “the truck or the car” is not wasted.

What information will a junk car buyer ask about my car or junk truck?

As we are professionals, to provide you with the service you deserve, when you call them, we will ask you a series of questions to evaluate your request.

To obtain a quote, call 773-722-2828.

An operator in Evanston will ask you:

  • What is the year, the model and the brand of the vehicle?
  • Is the car or truck running?
  • Is there a problem with the vehicle?
  • Is there damage to the vehicle? In what parts?
  • Missing pieces?
  • Do you have the title of this vehicle?
  • Where is the vehicle currently located?
  • What are your price expectations?
  • And any other type of relevant information in each specific case.

What are the main reasons to sell a truck or junk truck?

In summarizing the reasons why we decided to sell the vehicle, it is to have more space in the garage and get fast money to buy a new vehicle and better conditions.

Junk car buyers from Cash for Junk Cars – Cruz Recycling Inc are here to help you with this!

Call 773-722-2828 in Evanston to get your quote!

When should I sell a truck or a car?

Many people refuse to sell a car or junk truck thinking that it can still be used or that it can still be repaired.

In many opportunities the repair costs of the vehicle are higher than the value of the car, that is why it is better to sell it. Call the auto scrap buyers of Cash for Junk Cars – Cruz Recycling Inc. to sell a truck or junk truck!

What can auto junk buyers from Cash for Junk Cars – Cruz Recycling Inc. offer me for my car or junk truck?

  • We buy any type of vehicle brand, year, color and physical condition.
  • Our staff will help you with everything you need.
  • In addition, you will get free trailer and earn money!
  • We paid at the time of the vehicle’s withdrawal, without checks or deposits, in cash at the moment of delivery.
  • You can also be sure that you will do business with a fully licensed company in Evanston.

What documents are required to sell a junk car or truck?

The basic requirements that are needed are identification of the part, the title of ownership of the vehicle and current registration. Call 773-722-2828 in the Evanston area.

Sell your car 2002 or newer

  • We buy all kinds of vehicles, regardless of the year.
  • We guarantee cash for the following cars, for example:
  • Repairable cars
  • Running cars
  • Shattered cars
  • Used cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks and garbage trucks
  • Damaged cars
  • Cars that do not run
  • High mileage cars
  • Trucks or company cars
  • Flooded cars