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The greatest collectors of cars

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In the world there are dozens of people who are dedicated to making their love for cars a reality. They convert immense garages into incredible car museums that even collect the rarest and most expensive brands in the world. Thus, some collectors can have vehicle collections of up to 2,500 cars, varying old, classic and new models, generally including unique or high-value models.

The greatest collectors of carsIn this top the biggest collectors of cars will be highlighted; specifically we will talk about 7 of them. Taking into account which is the most famous and desired collections in the world, the positions in the top have been established:

Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan De Brunei

This Sultan is the highest authority of a small country that has reserves of oil located in the Pacific. The Sultan of Brunei is the most influential of collectors because he figures at least 7000 models that his park contains. Being models of the brands how:

  • 209 BMW,
  • 574 Mercedes-Ben.
  • 452 Ferrari.
  • 179 Jagua.
  • 382 Bentley.
  • Also Lamborghini.
  • Rolls-Royce,
  • Aston Martin.
  • And other authentic brands that are part of this attraction such as Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar Pininfarina which sometimes exhibits in floats mode on the streets of your country.

Ralph Lauren

He is one of the most famous designers in the world, who not only keeps a good taste for clothes but also for driving. Ralph has one of the largest collections of vehicles in the world. Nobody yet how many cars is in the city of New York under his power but it is estimated that it is a great collection.

Sometimes it exhibits its cars in exhibitions but it keeps the place where it keeps them closed and with only the precise lights so as not to damage the surface of the cars. It is estimated that it has more than 60 cars in its favorite color which is red and that it uses them as elements for photo sessions of its designs, among them are: Alfa Romeo.

  • Ferrari.
  • Mercedes Benz.
  • Bugatti.
  • Jaguar.
  • And McLaren

John W. Houghtaling II

John H. is a lawyer and entrepreneur residing in the United States who is ranked number 3 of the people with the largest collection of cars. His trade has led him to be closely linked to natural resources such as oil and its derivatives; which in turn has helped him forge great wealth and achieve his dream of collecting cars.

His favorite cars are the Italian brands, so he has sports like Lamborghini of which he owns around 70 models. It also highlights the transalpine signature models of the years 1967 and 1986.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

He is known in the world of collectors as the “rainbow sheikh”. This nickname is given due to its exclusive and extravagant taste in the collection of vehicles but also to possess only rare and unique models of the world.

This collector with his vast fortune became an exclusive pyramid to store his collection of vehicles. He is a fan of large dimensions, and therefore he is pleased to have many replicas of cars that are three times the original size; He has also made grafts of different vehicles to create a single model. It has 7 Mercedes-Benz S Class 500 (W 116) each with the color of the rainbow and has the largest limousine in the world.

Elisa Stephens

Perhaps the only one on the list to represent the female gender, Elisa is one of the collectors of old cars in California. She is the president of the San Francisco University of the Arts of the United States and has a passion for cars. It has a collection of luxury antique cars, all of the last century, being these from the decade of the 20s and 30s.

In honor of his parents the first vehicle he had was a Packard Model 343 Convertible Sedan from 1927 and from there his love for cars became bigger. Now it has an exhibition of about 200 units. In its precinct I found the Automobile Museum where it has jewels like:

  • Talbot LagoT-150C Speciale Coupe and a Talbot Lago T150-C, both from 1938.
  • A 48 Tucker
  • A Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow of 1933, and many others.

Bruce Meyer

Bruce is another California collector of vintage cars. Although he always says that he only has vehicles to cover the daily activities of life, this American is present in the most famous car shows and competitions, hot rods is one of his favorites. To like the old cars so much he has been responsible for converting many of the sports cars into classics changing the mechanics and the bodywork. We could say that he has modified at least 25% of his entire collection.

Dmitry Lomakov

This Russian is not only passionate about collecting antique vehicles but also every vehicle he has had to have been linked to universal history. Dmitry Lomakov is from a family and has been able to put together a large collection of cars that people like Hitler and Stalin used during their terms.

 Basically this collection is based on having cars that had movement of communist political classes and among them is for example the Chayka GAZ-13, a Russian model of 1977. This collection is not in the best conditions because of the nature of the garage where Keep, some of them are exposed to rust and dust has deteriorated more quickly.

These have been the 7 famous collectors of cars, one with collections and unique grafts, other classic, and old or with a history of by means. Every one influential in the world of cars has unrivaled wealth in the automotive field. Mostly all comes from wealthy families but with the common goal that is the passion for cars. Some have arranged their collections in museums, others prefer to hide them and others, the most risky, walk their collection cars through the streets.

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