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Weddings with 70’s cars

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It is very common for car lovers to include their favorite in a special event as their own wedding. However, here we will tell you why, regardless of which type or brand of car is your greatest passion, a car from the sixties is the best option to your wedding. Keep reading and you will not have more than wanting to get a nice car from the sixties to your wedding.

Weddings with 70's carsWhy rent a car for a wedding?

One of the most unforgettable moments of a wedding is the moment of the bride and her future husband arrival at the place where the long-awaited ceremony will take place. And why not make it more meaningful than arriving in a striking and unique car? At a wedding the car is an important part of this dream experience, not only for the lovers but also for the attendees.

Although some people consider that the car that takes the couple in their day should be a gift for them, and that is not so true. Despite the sentimentality of giving a car to the new couple the truth is that, in this modern world, sometimes for economic reasons and other times for personal preferences, that tradition has been lost. In any case, at present it is very common to observe that couples decide to rent a car to use it on the day of their wedding; either to arrive or leave the Church or court, or even for both options.

The reason for renting a car for the day of your wedding is to add another element that makes the wedding special, as it gives a unique, creative and sometimes even eccentric moment to the ceremony. Usually the couples rent the car for the arrival of the bride to the place of the ceremony and to move both afterwards to the place of celebration. And for those who still want to escape from the party to the honeymoon is also a great idea to do it in a luxurious and striking car to add more style.

More and more people around the world are including car rental between resources and budget for the wedding. And that’s why right now there are many companies that offer different packages and promotions for car rentals for weddings and civil marriages. The vast majority of them can be easily located by consulting the web.

Therefore, if you have this idea in mind you should know that having this service will not be a concern; you just have to make a call and choose the car that you like. And it is precisely the last point that we will be talking about.

Rent a 70’s car for your wedding

However, taking into account that the practice of car rental is becoming more common you have to devise ways to do it differently. For this reason, the key to making the rented car stand out (and therefore also highlights the moment) is to rent a truly special vehicle.

In this way we can affirm that the more different the car, the better it fulfills its function of standing out. After all it makes a lot of sense to apply a different idea and a very special element for this special and unforgettable day.

That’s why we propose that instead of going for the most expensive vehicle or the one with the highest boom at that time in the car rental market, put your attention in a car of the seventies. Even if you are not a passionate lover of cars or at least not the most classic, incorporate a car from the seventies in your wedding is an experience that you will enjoy to the fullest.

If you rent a car of the seventies for your wedding you will be away from the trend in this detail and your wedding will has that original and great moment that everyone is looking for. In addition, you will get the experience of driving an iconic car. The cars of the seventies are very different in design to modern but always aesthetic so they will look great next to the wedding dress.

Ideas and advice when renting a car from the 70s for your wedding

When renting a car of the seventies for your wedding think about the various uses that you can give as a decorative and distinctive element. For example, the rental car should not only work as your means of transport, you can also use it as part of the wedding setting.

  • You can use your rented car from the seventies to obtain very special and original wedding photos. Whether for a plan of funny pictures, with a more reserved and conservative style or even aesthetics that transits luxury. 
  • The car models of the seventies have quite versatile designs that can be adapted to different themes of weddings and also to the personality of the couple.
  • If you have a modest budget for the wedding and you love theme weddings, renting a car from the seventies can turn your wedding celebration into a vintage-themed event without resorting to more decoration. This saves you a lot of expenses and guarantees the same or maybe more fun. So with a single element you will give a special look to your wedding.
  • When choosing a car for weddings, the Volkswagen T1, the Volkswagen T2 and the Beetle are the most appreciated for their classic car attributes. However, there are many other models that can captivate you; in any case, remember that the most different is the car you should give higher priority.
  • Some couples also choose to use the rented car as a vehicle during the honeymoon. This idea is great and we recommend it a lot since it will make all your exits have that special touch that the wedding has given them. In addition, they will be cause for sensation in each place where they arrive.

Finally, do not wait any longer and decide for this special touch for your wedding. We hope you enjoyed the article and that at your wedding you can enjoy a great car from the seventies.

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