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How much is my Junk Truck worth?

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In your golden age you bought a truck and now you have it stopped at home without moving?

Have you thought about the idea of selling your old truck? Selling your junk truck is a better option than leaving it at home devalued. Keep reading this article and learn how much your junk truck worth.

How much is my Junk Truck worthConditions of your truck

We already know that this truck is old and that therefore it is not in perfect conditions to walk on the street. But not being old has to be precisely in the ruin with the rubbers stuck to the ground and the body pierced.

If your junk truck is in good physical condition, with a smooth body and maybe painted you could get a better income by selling it. In the same way, if your truck can still be handled, and its parts, although old, are in good condition, you can also expect a better payment.

The costs of selling your junk truck are never going to be the same as what you spent when you bought it and they will not look anything like a new one of the same brand or model. But if it is in good condition you can get up to 45% of its value; now if the conditions are very bad, getting 10% of the value would be too much to ask.

The title of your truck

Nobody is going to demand the vehicle registration card; because everyone knows that you are selling it because they cannot be on the street anymore. But it is necessary that at least you have the original purchase papers of your truck.

Without these papers you will still get who buy it but the cost that they will turn off for it can decrease. Since having to do more paperwork and invest more effort getting the title of your truck buyers will want to lower the price. So the best thing is to have your papers with you.

Type of truck

Although you do not believe it, one of the most important dates when selling your old truck is knowing the year of manufacture and the model of your truck.

The prices of the trucks vary depending on these variables, since the pieces are different and even the materials with which they were manufactured. A very old truck may have been manufactured with platinum, palladium or rhodium, very rare materials that have an extra value to iron.

Sales options

There are not only junk yards when you come to sell your junk truck, there are also recycling companies, companies that sell vehicles by hand and even private companies.

Each of them can offer you a different price for your truck, so it would be interesting to walk through these places before making the decision to sell it. Remember that more than leaving the truck in one day you are looking for who should give you better profit by your junk truck.

Sell it to parts or complete?

Although selling your scrap to pieces is a bit more complicated in some cases can be very beneficial. Obviously selling pieces separately will bring more profits than selling the complete junk truck; as long as the pieces are in good condition.

If you investigate well you will realize that batteries, motors and even rubbers can be sold separately and get good profit for it. Even when there is nothing left you can go to a special iron or aluminum recycling store and sell its body. But keep in mind that no one is going to pay for an old piece that is unusable; so if your junk truck is in very bad condition you do not waste time and sell it full.

Search for an evaluation

If you do not have the slightest idea where to start, it’s a good idea to go to a junkyard for them to make a first evaluation of your junk truck. After the evaluation they will give you a diagnosis of whether your truck is still salvageable or recyclable or if it is complete garbage and also they will offer you an amount for it.

With this first evaluation and this first amount you can start moving in search of better offers. This will help you know where to start and know a little about the conditions of your vehicle.

Obviously you will not become rich with selling your junk truck, much less pay all your debts with that money but it will be an extra income. If you keep your old truck at home without using it, it will continue to wear out and lose value day by day, and when you finally decide to leave it you will earn much less money. So if you are ready to leave your junk car dare and sell it to the highest bidder taking into account this information.

If you have a junk car instead a junk truck you can also get some money for sell it, and we recommend you to reading are you getting the right value for your scrap car? before selling it.

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