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Are you getting the right value for your Scrap Car?

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Do not think that everything is lost; even so your Scarp Car can earn a profit. If you want to get rid of your car that no longer has a high level of useful life you can sell it, since the scrap has a monetary value. A high cost was not sold but according to its year and quality it can be assigned a good value.

junk car has an expired registrationPhases of sale of Scrap Car

To get the best value for your Scrap Car you must follow 5 phases:

  • Know the year and model of your Scarp Car.
  • Analyze the composition material of your car. This is one of the most important data because the price of steel and aluminum vary constantly and that is why the price of our car can also vary.
  • Estimation of the level of useful life of your car.
  • Research on the market prices of your car.
  • Calculate the value of your car.

Calculate the value of your Scrap Car

The first steps you should consider for the sale of your Scrap Car is the calculation of the value of the vehicle. It is easy to identify as long as there is knowledge of the year, quality, material and various information related to it.

The most common problem that occurs when selling junk cars is the cost of the material that is composed it, either aluminum or steel. Because the materials tend to increase or decrease it cost over time.

Basic data

The determination of the price of the vehicle is very easy, we should only have notion of the year, brand and model of it; this way it is easier to calculate its cost. It should be noted that Scarp Cars can have a value between twenty to forty percent of the value of a car of the same brand and year that is in good condition.

Taking into account that Scrap Car are valued differently, specifically if they have many problems or failures that impede their operation it is important to know the car thoroughly and its faults.

Status evaluation

When making the decision to sell the junk car you must go and made an assessment of the status of your car and how is the supply and demand. This factor is something that most car owners do not think about when in fact it plays a very important role.

The price of scrap varies a lot from year to year and  also the price of the metals with it is composed. These details must be taken into account to analyze and decide when is the best time to sell it

Options to get more profit on the sale of your Scrap Car

The sale of scrap car is very unusual, so the cost determination is sometimes a bit confusing. But selling it is better option that having since the more time passes the more devalued the vehicle and the less value it will have. It does not matter why you are storing the car, but it is important to understand that when a car is not in constant use it tends to deteriorate so it will be less valuable, for example:

  • In the case of metal and copper, rust begins to appear and this is a great factor of loss for sale.
  • Other factors of loss within this type of sales is any object such as rubbers, windows, hoses, belts, among others. These will eventually become fragile and will be a factor of loss for the sale of it.
  • The wear and tear of not being used can affect valuable parts such as the starter motor and the alternator until they are only good for scrap.

It must be known if the car is still in operation because if at the time of selling it does not need to be towed it can acquire a higher level of profit. Likewise, if these details that we mention are in good condition, your Scrap Car will also gain more value.

Those responsible for junk car purchases usually pay better amounts if they are sold at auction because not all vehicles are destined to total loss, some can be reconditioned. There are possibilities that it can be recovered and return to everyday use.

The place where you are located also influences

The place where you are located and where you want to sell your Scarp Car will also influence the price. There are areas so exclusive that even by mistake they will invest in a junk car; in other places, these cars are in high demand.

When selling your junk car it is important to determine this; since if you sell in the places of greater demand for your vehicle you have more chance to obtain a better price.

So be a used car sales are always something that generates confusion and we never knows if it is the best time for that but if your junk car has an expired registration you should act now and sell it.

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