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The value of the pieces of your Junk Car

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All used cars have an economic value, even those cars that are packed at home without being able to serve absolutely nothing to accumulate dust and dirt. Even the Junk Car has monetary value and are often the scrap deposits that offer for it.

value of the pieces of your Junk CarHow much is my junk car worth?

Junk vehicles do not have a standard price that is set for all cars considered junk. Although the tanks destined to the recycling of these cars offer for each and every one of the cars that arrive at their parking lots, not all have the same value.

The price is considered depending on several characteristics, such as the model and the brand, also is important the weight of the car  because that determined the value and the money that will pay for the machine.

In this way the price that is offered is quite good for the conditions of the vehicles that arrive daily to be part of these companies; since the end of the matter is buying waste and residues from a vehicle that have no useful life.

These cars are purchased with the intention of dismantling them, extracting their parts in good condition and the components of the car that still work, the intention is to recycle the highest possible percentage of the vehicle, even steel or metal materials serve.

The payment made for junk cars has always been very little and more in current times due to different factors such as:

  • Decrease in demand for recycled steel is low.
  • The prices of the different recycling metals are not very attractive.
  • The processing cost of these vehicles is high.

But if you are interested in knowing how much you can get for the different components that are recycled daily from junk vehicles, you are in the right place. In this section we will give you information about it.

The recycled steel

The large amount of annual tons that are recycled steel from junk cars amounts to more than 18 million tons. This leaves the body structure to the vehicle and all those parts that are also made of this metal. The price that is offered for steel is not very encouraging, since currently the commercial value per ton of steel is approximately 230 dollars.

All this as a result of the country’s imports of steel, which has made the demand for scrap steel significantly lower its value.

But despite the low value of this material, the recycling of steel is still very important as it is a very noble material that can be recycled as many times as you want. It can be used for the preparation of pieces, for the assembly of new cars, construction materials and much more.

The recycled batteries

Another important component that is recycled from junk cars are batteries that have a value a little higher than other components.

But in addition to the cost, the importance of recirculating this component is due to the fact that this object releases toxic and dangerous materials for the environment. In particular, special care must be taken with the lead that is distilled and that is very polluting.

  • Lead is reused to make new batteries.
  • Sulfuric acid is also recycled and can be converted into water.
  • Other material such as sodium sulphate is recycled to make garments or fabrics. It is also used to make washing detergents, among other things.

Despite all the elements that can materialize with the recycling of the batteries of the vehicles that are destined for scrap, the purchase price is also quite low. One pound of this material costs approximately 30 cents.

Other components

The parts of a junk car are valuable for recycling especially if they are old cars that have been in circulation for many years and that no longer work.

This is due to the fact that significant and valuable materials were used for its construction that is not currently used.

We talk about materials such as platinum, palladium or rhodium. The recycling of these materials is extremely important in different industries, not only in the scrapping industry or in parts.

  • Platinum as metal is recycled to be used in the realization of dental equipment and electrodes, just to name a few.
  • For its part, palladium is used in the production of fuel cells and catalytic converters.

In this case, as in the previous ones, the price of recycling these pieces is very little for the real value they have as materials.

The ounce of platinum does not exceed $ 1,000 and the rest of the minerals have an economic value well below this price.

The value of recycling

In this opportunity we do not refer to the commercial value of the recycling that is extracted from the junk car but the importance of recycling around the reduction pollution of our planet; this action has no price.

With the simple fact of recycling on time a vehicle that only generates losses and problems to its owners will be contributing to the protection of the atmosphere through:

  • Air and water pollution is avoided due to the fluids distilled by the vehicle.
  • Energy is saved by recycling steel from these cars, as well as air pollution by this same concept.
  • The prices of new products made from recycled materials will cost a little less than those that are not recycled.

So from the perspective that you see selling your junk car to recycling companies will always be a very good idea.

On the one hand you will receive some money for this; although it is not enough you would not get that money having it at home, and you will also contribute to reduce pollution.

With this information you already know what pieces of your junk car can be sold and how much money will be given for them, now we invite you to read what are the options for selling junk car is in Chicago when you can’t find your title.

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