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What is difference between a scrap car and a salvage car?

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When our vehicles go through an accident situation many times we believe that they only have an infallible destiny that is to leave circulation.

Something we must take into account is that the vehicle will certainly go out of circulation, which is not known for sure under what legal conditions will be established.

There are two clear distinctive terms to know the usefulness of your car or if it will simply be considered junk.

Be very aware of our information so that you leave doubts about it and get the most out of the stupendous incident that your vehicle has in unstable conditions. Since the more you know the differences between a waste vehicle and salvage one will be much more profitable and you can rescue part of the value of the car.

scrap car and a salvage carWhat is a waste car?

The cars or vehicles that have become waste are all those cars that unfortunately have reached the end of their useful life. This can happen through carelessness of the owner who has managed to make his car a waste or by greater forces such as an accident in which there was total loss of the car.

All this must be issued through a certificate stipulating the condition of the vehicle. The authorization must always come from a specialized center that evaluated the car and declared it as scrap.

The objectives of establishing the waste trucks are as follows:

  • Prevent the proliferation of the waste that the vehicle gives off at this stage and that can generate a lot of pollution.
  • Maintain an optimal and efficient system for the collection of these vehicles.
  • Prepare certain parts for future recycling.
  • It is thought about the reuse of certain components.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Keep the spaces free.

If your car was already determined as a junk car do not wait any longer, go to a junkyard and sell it so that at least you get some profit from all this. These types of establishments buy cars in any state, even when they are destroyed by an accident.

What is a salvage car?

Salvage cars are those that have been declared as vehicles in total loss. This may have been through an accident or due to theft or destruction by a third party. To declare a car in these conditions you must have a certified salvage certificate issued by the insurance company in question that takes the case of repair of the vehicle.

This occurs when the cost of the total repair of the car is much more substantial than the cost of the entire vehicle, which leads to a considerable loss for insurers, ie the repair is not profitable, and therefore it is decided to issue the title of vehicle in rescue.

The causes of this rescue issue are the following:

  • Vehicle accidents.
  • Floods or destruction due to natural problems such as hail storms.
  • The damage induced by theft and theft of the car.

When a car is declared as a salvage, there is no other option but to try to take out some money for the vehicle, even if it is very little and far below the actual cost of the vehicle, which in most cases can be done through auctions.

Difference between a scrap car and a salvage car

As it was previously specified both the scrap cars and the salvage cars have certain aspects that differentiate them. To make this dimension even clearer, in this section we will establish the characteristic differences.

The first big difference lies in:

  • The cars that have been declared as salvage in certain cases can be made viable, that is to say that with certain replacements of parts and some components and with an optimal repair the vehicle could become suitable for the circulation in the streets.
  • While waste cars serve only to be displaced, as the name implies, they are junk, which means that the vehicle has no conditions to be salvaged and its parts and components are unusable.

Another difference that can be evidenced is:

  • Scrap cars have been damaged by the passage of time, the negligence of their owner or by having gone through irreparable damage that caused them to be taken out of circulation.
  • And a rescue car was subjected to a car accident, flood damage or a natural device.
  • The third characteristic is based on:
  • The salvage car can be repaired and restructured which gives a little value to the injured vehicles and can become valuable because these cars fall into the category of used cars and that increases the rate for those who want to buy it.
  • Something that does not happen in the case of scrap vehicles that are very cheap, its value can become practically symbolic, because steel is the most valuable thing that these cars can possess and they are simply sold by weight, making it even more economical.

The last difference that we will list in this section consists of:

  • Salvage vehicles can be a great opportunity to extract vehicle parts and sell different parts that function and can be support for other vehicles, that is, these spare parts can be perfectly reused, such as the engine, the body, handles and many other things.
  • On the other hand, waste cars are only and exclusively for recycling, their parts are not suitable for recycling nor are they valuable because they do not have any distinctive use.

If your car was declared scrap, do not wait any longer and go sell it so you can earn extra money, having it at home will only generate you losses. If you want to sell it, we invite you to read frequently asked questions when selling your use car.

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