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What is an automotive salvage and difference with a junk yard

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If you think that having a junk car is a waste of time or you consider it a total rubbish, you are wrong, because you would be surprised at the profit margin you can get by just putting it on sale.

Obviously, due to the conditions in which the vehicle is located, it is very likely that it will not be aimed at any public but believe me that you can still take advantage of it and if you take it to the place indicated, such as the car salvage or the junk yard.

Both have their differences but definitely you can get the best out of each one if you want to free yourself from your junk car, which surely occupies more space and already at this point it seems to be a nuisance.

taking our car to a JunkyardFirst you must recognize a junkyard

The spaces destined to the automotive salvage yards can be called by other names, such as automobile recycling, scrap deposits, chives or in some cases patio of pieces. These names may vary depending on the locality where you belong, certainly almost everyone fulfills the same function in terms of junk car is concerned and all can be very useful for what you are looking for is to get a little profit to that junk that you do not want to have more .

These places are incredible because the pieces of the cars are sold individually because they depurate and control between the parts of the car that do not work, those that need to be repaired and those that still have utility.

This type of patio usually benefits more than what is believed because more profit is obtained selling the pieces in an individual way than selling a whole metal scrap, this is why an automotive salvage yard greatly benefits this type of business and therefore Although spare parts can be obtained at low prices, profit margins are high for scrap.

So the first thing you should recognize is this kind of place, and consult according to what you want to win if it convinces you or not to have this kind of business and get the best out of that junk car, which surely you did not expect to get so much for that metal scrap .

How do auto salvage yards operate?

They usually do a thorough examination of the vehicle removing the useful parts of the car to be able to offer them at lower prices than the auto parts stores, if you add all the useful parts that the scrap can have, the margin of profit is enormous, so much difference to that if you were selling it completely.

The best thing is that the parts of the vehicles that do not work are crushed, melted and sold to refineries that have as a destination the recycling of metal, so if you think that even your useless parts will not be used you are wrong.

Not only contribute to a better profit you would be making use of these automotive yards but you will also be contributing to the recycling by reducing in a large percentage the pollution, the rust and everything that a car in a scrap state can generate.

How do you differentiate a metal collection yard?

It is a space of metal deposits completely. In general, purchases of scrap coming from many places are made considering its weight and quality, which, depending on it, will be paid and, of course, the type of metal used to be recycled is also considered. term of profit that can generate that junk car. As it has already been said, several types of metal are considered, such as copper, zinc, aluminum or others, respectively. They can come from any type, therefore all types that are not metals are admitted.

As well as the automotive salvage yards it is important to note that this type of courtyards also have environmental benefits eradicating pollution by recycling the metal, as they approve a certain amount of metal that then go to be melted and thus have a higher profit margin of the price that they paid for these scrap, destining the merchandise to refineries.

On the other hand refineries almost always have stable suppliers that help to get a certain amount of metal to make them earn money by melting and selling all kinds of metal.

What comes out best metal yard collection or automotive salvage yard?

Although both options are good at the moment of wanting to make money selling a junk car considering the differences and methodologies for the sale of scrap, it would be good to recycle the useful pieces and sell them by individual piece to melt a whole metal without considering that other parties can also generate profits.

Both options have environmental benefits because both seek to eradicate pollution by melting the metal and combating rust and all that material that is no longer useful for us today but if you do it for money the auto salvage yards can guarantee a wider profit selling the parts individual vehicle

This can not only generate more profits but the pieces will be left to people who will give a better utility that is discarded in its entirety. Now if you think it is more practical to undo the entire car completely because your best option would be a metal collection yard where it can be melted and sold according to the quality of the metal and according to its weight. Both options will make you win with that junk car.

If you are  totally sure that will sell your car lear what we should do before taking our car to a junkyard.

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