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Want to know what your junk car is worth in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs?

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Junkyards are nothing more than a car cemetery, these companies buy used or unused vehicles and use them to sell, recycle or dispose of cars.

Did you know that it is very common for cars to be sold in the United States to Junkyards? The Americans prefer to sell them to these junkyards, because junkyards can pay the money in cash and contribute to the environment.

Junkyards are so common that they are already located in almost any locality. If you live in Chicago or in the suburbs and you want to know what your junk car is worth in this area, we invite you to continue reading.

what your junk car is worth in Chicago or the surroundingWhat is taken into account when evaluating the price of junk car?

The price of the Junk car can vary according to the characteristics of the vehicle among them we have:

  • Location of the car: The price of the car can also vary if the car is too far from Junkyard. If the person has the car parked very far, the junkyard can charge the displacement of the car to their facilities using a crane
  • General condition of the vehicle: If it is in good condition and without any problem the price of the car can increase, now if it is oxidized the Junkyard will buy the car according to the price of its elimination.
  • The model and brand: This is also essential because if you have a car with a brand like Chevrolet, Ford, Renault and Dogde that has decades in a warehouse and is well cared for you can get more money since these brands are classic and always They need spare parts.
  • Year in which it was made: The year is very influential when it comes to selling the junk car because if it is from recent years the value of the car can rise, now well if you own a junk car that has decades but is in good condition the price it will rise since it is possible that when dismantling its parts are recycled or sold as a replacement.
  • Size: Cars that are larger than a small car tend to sell more expensive, since the spare parts of these vehicles are more difficult to obtain, if the car is complete it can raise the price of the car more, now if only the person Owns parts cannot get good income from the sale.
  • The Weight: If the car is heavy according to the model and the brand can be sold at a higher price, since the cars that have corrosion weigh less and that is verified at the time of selling the vehicle.

Is it the best decision to sell your Junk car?

This question only depends on the person and his willingness to sell his car since there are people who have a sentimental bond with the vehicle, either because that was the first car he could buy with the money he collected, it was a birthday gift from his parents, traveled the country with the car, or had other fun and liberating experiences, that is why there are individuals who do not sell their car even if it is a Junk car.

However if you are one of the people who do not think that way and want to get out of the car you can sell it to a Junkyard is a way to recover some of the money that was invested if the car is already a scrap, in addition that the payment of these companies are in cash, so you can spend it on something you want, or invest the money in a business.

If you are not sure about selling your junk car to a Junkyard, we mention the advantages you can get from selling the car and they are:

  • Contribute to the environment: Since the car releases pollutants that are harmful to the health of the human being, that is why the batteries, the gas that releases the car exhaust to be severely damaged, rusted steel and palladium they are necessary to take them to places where they ensure recycling and decontamination.
  • Sale of the vehicle: If your car is practically scrap, nobody will want to buy it at low prices so the best option is the junkyard if you want to get rid of the scrap metal.
  • Pay for the sale: You can receive a payment according to the scrap price of the current car depending on the model, year and brand.

How is the payment process of the Junkyards?

The process of payment of the Junkyard is simple since they do not use the checks as payment method since at the moment of charging they can be cumbersome, for that reason the Junkyards use the cash. Now as they establish the payment process to a client, we will explain it below.

After the workers of the junkyard and the recycling factory have made a general diagnosis of the vehicle from the brand, the year, weight, size and location is declared in which condition the vehicle is located, if it is declared a loss, the company check the price of scrap in the current market (recycling factories) that have an estimate of how much they can afford to recycle steel, metal and other car components.

The Junkyard contacts the factory and establishes a standard price for the sale of the car. Then the company communicates with the seller and a purchase agreement is established, the seller closes the deal and takes the vehicle to the site.

For the payment of the sale of the vehicle it is necessary that the person delivers the documents of the car, in addition it must cancel the subscription of the car and its plates, the company will ask for the personal information of the individual and will explain why the price of the car, since currently People want to know why that price and not another higher price. Finally the cash is delivered with the receipt of the sale of the company.

It is important to know that the junkyards, although they handle cash constantly, do not have much cash in their stores as they avoid any theft by thieves or those who work inside the company premises.

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