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Models of reliable second-hand cars

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At present there has been an increase in the purchase and sale of used cars. More than one has already realized that not only do they represent savings, but they can also be objects of reliability; that’s why they are one of the most used means of transport at the moment.

Keep reading so you can know more about the second hand cars you can buy with greater confidence.

Models of reliable second-hand cars3 Most trusted brands of used cars

Among the second-hand cars, the most popular car categories are small cars and all-terrain vehicles. The reliability of this type of car varies depending on the model.

However, before reviewing which models of used cars are the most reliable and recommended for both categories, let’s start by knowing the brands of most reliable second-hand cars.

An optimal way to determine the reliability of used cars is through the inspection studies that many companies perform annually. DEKRA is a German company that has been carrying out these inspections and its evaluations are taken very seriously by the vast majority of car users.

To evaluate the trust that can be placed in any brand or model, DEKRA inspects the cars according to their faults and failures, in a detailed and rigorous manner.

First brand

In 2018 the DEKRA vehicle inspection company has rated Audi as the most reliable brand in the market. In the report made by DEKRA in 2015 to study the reliability of second-hand vehicles, this model also figured in the first place of the inspection carried out by the German company.

Audi is one of the brands of cars best known for its luxurious appearance and its presence in the car market, but it has also become the favorite among buyers for its reliability.

Among the small cars, their compact cars are the most requested when looking for a second-hand car.

Second brand

The well-known Mercedes company is also one of the first places among the most reliable second-hand cars. Mercedes cars, besides being icons in the history of the car, has dominated the car market and in the case of used cars the situation is not very different.

Your models remain in good condition for long periods of time.

Third brand

Third, we must also mention Volkswagen, this brand of cars in the world of second-hand cars is characterized by having one of the best-selling and most sought after models by all kinds of people.

It continues to be one of the most reliable and most successful companies in the automotive field and also occupies a nostalgic place in the hearts of many.

 Most recommended second-hand all-terrain cars

As for all-terrain cars, the Mercedes brand has several models that you can trust without hesitation:

  • Thus we have that The Mercedes GLE was the most praised by DEKRA after its inspection corresponding to this year and therefore one of the most recommended.
  • The Mercedes-Benz GLK has also been recognized by users as one of the most reliable off-road cars of this company. The quality of the materials with which it is made ensures its durability. In addition, it is also one of the most appreciated for its comfort and practicality.

For its part, the Audi Company and its SUV AUDI Q5 continues to be one of the most recommended and most reliable models of second-hand cars.

This model not only represents reliability but also agility, a characteristic that is quite noticeable in an off-road vehicle.

While the Volkswagen Company, the Volkswagen Touareg has been one of the most appreciated not only for its durability and reliability but also for its beauty in terms of design.

This model even today continues to be among the most recommended and sold in the second-hand market.

Recommended small second-hand cars

Small cars correspond to one of the most sought after categories in the market. They are taken into account for the ease of moving between the traffic of the cities.

They are also much less problematic when parking and are considered low consumption cars, which is a plus for the saver pocket.

Now in the second hand market, small cars tend to be the cheapest and those who are in better conditions according to specialists are:

  • The Audi A1 is the smallest car in the company and also the most reliable according to the DEKRA report. This car corresponds to the urban type and has been described by many as a safe car, with good stability, good size and better maneuverability. For all lovers of small cars the Audi A1 is the best choice and its quality is excellent.
  • Of the Mercedes brand, we can mention Mercedes Benz Vito, it is a car that belongs to the category of commercial vehicles and among the small cars destined for commercial transport this car consigns a great reliability.
  • In this category we cannot fail to mention the most acclaimed by all, the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 1.9 TDI. It is the most sought after car in the second hand market and one of the most reliable. It is not strange how many searches can be found of this car among second-hand car searchers available on the internet.

To finish we can say that second-hand cars actually continue to be favorites because of their quality and price.

On the internet both offers and demands abound everywhere.

The category or the use to which it is destined does not matter, the used car market has remained afloat and the most popular brands in the world have not disappointed users, so they continue to be the main option.

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