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Junk Car definition

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Did you ever heard the word Junk Car? Did you know what is that means? Do not worry, in this article we will show you what is the definition of junk car and why that term is used in the United States of America.

Carro de colección o chatarraWhat is Junk Car?

The term Junk Car has several definitions; many people use this term to refer to their old cars. But is not a car that they bought two years ago, when we refer to old cars we talk about those who no longer have a useful life and who cannot be driven on the street.

Also when we refer to a Junk Car we talk about some companies that act as scrap deposits. They are located in different locations and deal with cars that no longer work as we expect; cars that are not apt to circulate in the streets. The Junk Car is therefore a good solution to get rid of the junk cars that you have packed at home.

Where does the Junk Car term come from?

This term is very typical on the United States, was imposed by establishments designed especially to contain junk car. These establishments were created long ago as a measure to counteract a problem that afflicted different localities of the country, which was the accumulation of cars that were already useless but very polluting to the environment.

Municipalities in many countries have tried to get junk cars out of circulation so it do not transit the streets.

They also have the need to remove these vehicles from the residences where it last for years in order to improve cleaning and reduce pollution. This is why the deposits of junk car are a great solution.

These companies or scrap deposits are responsible for buying the owner the vehicle that has no repair. The car is sold completely to the scrap yard and they separate the pieces that will be sold later and put it on the inventory.

Types of junk car

In the whole world there are different Junk Car establishments that are in charge of giving a use to junk cars that no longer have circulating life.

In conventional scrap yards, these cars are often bought to later sell their parts to a better bidder and thus reuse the components of a car that ceased to exist for different reasons. But there are also a number of Junk Cars that are more exclusive.

The types of establishments are:

  • Some types of junk cars are only responsible for selling old and exclusive car parts.
  • Others only sell the remains of the car that are left once they are removed, they think they are still alive and can be reused. For this they weigh the body or the can that is left and sell it in bulk.

What is a junk car?

The junk cars are those that have been considered as not suitable for the circulation of the streets. They are cars that for various reasons have been damaged, because the car suffered a spectacular road accident, because it has mechanical problems, which has been damaged by natural accidents or simply has been created for many years and no longer has a useful life. Some aspects must be taken into account to consider it scrap:

  • The age of the car this should be quite old.
  • The damage it has must be serious, in which parts are missing or are in an unusable state.
  • The value for the car is very little or evens nobody wants to give anything for it.
  • That is inoperative.
  • That does not possess the required permits of circulation that is established.
  • That represents a danger to the people that this car is mobilized.

How junk cars operate?

When you know the presence of a car that has been diagnosed as garbage because the repair of the car is much expensive than the investment and the initial value, it is best to call a Junk Car establishment.

They will make their own diagnosis. and they will offer you an amount for the car. The Junk Car follows this system of operations:

  • The condition of the vehicle is established.
  • They check the real value of the car as it is.
  • Negotiation with the owner of the vehicle.
  • The car is taken to the scrap yards owned by the motor businessmen.
  • Then they separate the pieces and the different components that assembled the vehicle.
  • Parts that are in a state of being reused are put into the stock of the company to put them on sale.
  • A record of all the pieces that are owned is kept.
  • Finally get rid of the pieces that cannot be reused.

When talking about the term junk car always comes to collation that there is the possibility that a junk car is not total loss, to get out of this doubt we invite you to read what is the difference between a scrap and a salvage car?

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