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Impact caused by the use of the Safety Belt

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The seatbelt is one of the safest instruments, which is responsible for saving lives, at the time of a traffic accident. With this device, the body brakes when the car has a strong impact, avoiding the whiplash of the head and its deadly consequence or paralysis. For this reason it is essential to always have it on and teach our children the importance of its use; since not using it you risk losing your life.

Impact caused by the use of the Safety BeltImportance of the use of the safety belt in children

Currently there are fewer people who do not use the seat belt, due to awareness propaganda. There is warned of the importance of its use, noting how serious it can be not to take it, either by carelessness or lack of interest.

As parents, we are responsible for the well-being of our children, who are always safe. By teaching them the rules of protection, they will grow up knowing these tools.

The children are quite restless; this is why we must be aware of them when we are driving.

Measures to take the children in the vehicle

Some protective measures for our children are:

  • It is also essential to place the belt, put the children behind the passenger seat, because in that place children will be much safer, before any accident that may occur.
  • It is good to have portable chairs so that children are protected, since their use reduces 80 percent of accidents.
  • In the car, when we take the children, they must be subject to a child defense system, which is appropriate to their size and weight; even if the journey is short, it is indispensable.
  • Never leave a child alone, without the supervision of an adult.
  • Before buying a child defense system, it is good to go to a center that is specialized, where they give advice on how the chair is used and how it is installed.
  • It is not convenient to buy used chairs; the best is that they are new so that they work perfectly.
  • There is to place the child in the back of the vehicle, always, since he will be much more sure of not having an accident.
  • Do not travel with loose objects, or with animals in the vehicle that are near children.
  • In the case of any accident, the child should be taken out of the car in his child restraint chair, not in his arms.

The seatbelt is the savior of life

All people, of all ages, should always wear a seat belt, as it has saved the lives of many people in serious accidents. Pregnant women should place it once they are in the vehicle, since they have seen some cases, which end with the loss of the fetus, for not having it on.

If the pregnant woman is the one who is driving, it is even riskier. Without the use of the belt it can happen that, in a crash, the belly is impacted against the steering wheel; For this reason, it is advisable to use it at any stage of pregnancy.

It is important that people know that when an accident happens, the passenger seat is the one that suffers the most impact. It must be borne in mind that, the fines that are placed for not wearing a seat belt, are quite common and are imposed on the driver of the vehicle, since this is the great responsible for what may happen to the passengers.

In general, it is always necessary to have the foresight to wear a seatbelt, when driving, and to protect children; in this way, we will prevent an accident from occurring which we feel guilty of, and which we may have avoided.

Many young people drive without putting on their seat belts. This lack of responsible conscience has produced terrible accidents, with loss of life in the prime of life; for this reason, most accidents happen to teenagers. The prevention publicity of the use of the safety belt will never stop being important, and the opportune advice of the parents on the matter.

The objective of using the safety belt is to minimize the blows that a person can suffer when having a traffic accident and that does not go off. That’s why people should be aware when driving, in relation to speed; if you drive with caution you reduce the risk of accidents.

A belt is composed of a first belt locking system on the thorax, and another on the waist, protecting people from the impact of the shock the frontal crash. So, by correctly using the belt, we will be safe.

How to help raise awareness about the use of seat belts?

There are many people who have managed to save their lives, because they have had their seat belts. Recognize that life is the most sacred we have, therefore, we must take care of it and take all preventive measures to always be well.

Some people have had very serious accidents, leaving with problems in the spine; some blow to the head that has brought very negative consequences for your health. In short, we should not wait to risk our lives. Advise our friends, acquaintances and family that, when driving, always wear a seat belt.

Let’s take care of our little children, let’s always be responsible. Your life will depend on how we take care of them; let’s not forget that by an oversight, in a second, you can transform your existence.

There are many examples of people who have gone through very strong situations, because they have been neglected.

Let’s always try to be the example for our children and family. Reinforce the importance of driving with caution, using the seat belt well, driving slowly; in this way, there will be no reason for a mishap to happen that we have to regret. If we do not know how to use the belt, it is advisable to seek help, be it a friend or to be informed on the internet, in order to know everything about the subject of the belt and the measures to follow.

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