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How to avoid being scammed when selling your junk car?

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If you want to sell your junk car you are probably looking for a favorable profit margin for you. It is very good to want a good profit but it is very important to be cautious when starting a business. If we have false expectations we can fall into a scam; That’s why today we’ll talk about how to avoid being scammed by selling your junk car?

avoid being scammed when selling your junk carDo not settle

Although it is a scrap, the benefits that your junk car can bring will surprise you. Even though you see it as useless today, it is a big deal for automotive salvage yards like metal collector’s yards. The first beneficiaries are the refineries but you must be very careful with those suppliers and some of their intentions.

When selling a junk car, we believe that because we are junk we should accept little for the vehicle. But the truth is that this type of car makes a profit because of the metal, its weight and some of the useful pieces that the car has that from there can be made a good deal. The price will never equal the original cost of the car, but you will get a good profit.

This type of transactions like many others can fall into scams. We cannot control the actions and intentions of others; but if we can prevent someone else from cheating us if we carry some safety rules such as:

Find a Junkyard that is fully authorized

If we know the scammers very well, we know that they would never be in order with the licenses and registrations for this type of activity before the law. So the first thing you should find out and know is if the junkyard has some kind of license.

This would be the first guarantee we have when making a claim or checking information. If you know someone who has been in the same circumstance that you ask for reference of some of the most known places in your area; knowing about other experiences is also good when making a business with your junk car.

Find several options

It does not matter if it’s scrap what you’re selling; The first thing you should do to be able to quote at the best price your junk car is to consider the prices that are available in the market. It’s like doing a market study taking into account the different pricing options to be able to get an average and get the best profit on your junk car.

In order to have several options, the ideal is to visit several junkyards with their respective licenses. But in addition to the prices you are willing to pay for your junk car it is important to also find out about the work fees and towing conditions. Do not stays with just one option go and look for different auto salvage yards available in your area.

Direct your sale to the recycler and not to the towing company

One of the most appropriate advices is to eliminate intermediaries in order to have more profit and not a shared profit. It is usual for many people to want to interfere with your sale and even take advantage of what really belongs to you.

For all this, it is important to first approach the recycler personally and not allows interference from the towing company or from any other person who wants to make the sale for you. So agree with the tariff payment of the junk car trailer and avoid all types of intermediaries.

Cash your money right at the time of sale

Although it sounds inconsiderate always have to be in a hurry to demand money from a sale. The way some scammers operate is to keep the car and disappear when paying. Then, as a preventive way, it is important for the buyer to give him his respective money at the time of the realization of the sale.

There are clients who make a false promise to carry out a transaction through an email that never arrive and that are where any chance of profit is lost. If you already have an estimated price for the quote, do not allow the buyer to reduce even a single cent of what had already been agreed. This is a very common technique that companies have to lower prices and obtain a greater profit.

Target your sale to a physical and non-virtual store

We know that the internet has web portals that help to find places to buy and sell, and that there are many sites that can indicate where the best automotive salvage yards are located.

But do not keep that information alone, and before making a possible sale go to the place. The internet is one of the most used means to perform these types of scams. If we know that for convenience we almost always choose this tool but it can be a double-edged sword. When going to the junkyard not only it is verified that the company exists but also that it counts on its licenses and documents.

If you are ready to sell your junk car, now you have to learn how to negotiate the sale of your junk car in the US?

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