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How do I sell my Car for cash?

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Did you know that 3 out of 10 people have an old car under their ownership that they would like to sell but do not know how to do it? For them it is this article, here we will teach you how to sell your junk car for cash.

what your junk car is worth in Chicago or the surroundingThe best option is a junkyard

The junkyard is a company that is responsible for acquiring used vehicles or scrap to dismantle or recycle. These companies buy cars of different models or brands of any year.

The sale of cars does not present any problem, but if the person owns another type of vehicle such as motorcycles, buses or trucks, it is likely that each company has its own rules. However, do not worry; it is very probably that you also can sell that kind of goods.

This company is excellent since in addition to being registered they prefer to pay in cash so you will have your money in the same moment that you sell your junk car.

Sale procedure in junkyard

  • Junkyard workers do a market study to see the actual value of the junk car.
  • Then proceed to review the car and diagnose the time of life that was in circulation, a fundamental part of the expertise of the car. They also establish the current conditions of their pieces and if they are suitable or not for recycling.
  • After observing that the used vehicle is in good condition the negotiation and future purchase of the car proceeds.

Advantages of a junkyard

  • They are 100% reliable: Since they evaluate the current market and pay according to the price of the car.
  • Prefer to pay in cash: In this way they avoid scams and you can also count with your money immediately.
  • They buy used cars: To which they make a diagnosis known as an appraisal where they can measure the mileage, see how the car’s engine is among others. This allows them to know how much the vehicle is worth and if it can be sold again or recycled to sell the new parts to future buyers.
  • They help the environment: The junkyard promotes the care of the environment by buying used cars or scrap, thus avoiding contamination due to vehicle batteries, rusted steel, waste of energy in the car factories as well as the purchase of palladium and platinum for the construction of new cars.
  • Avoid the purchase of stolen cars: The person who wants to sell the car to a junkyard needs to have the original documentation of the car and the papers with the name of the seller up to date.
  • They work almost every day of the year.

What do I need to complete the sale of my car in Junkyard?

To be able to sell your car in a Junkyard you need few requirements, which we explain below:

Car documents

The papers that the individual needs are those that previously the car agency gave to the owner at the time of making the sale of the car and they are:

  • The title of the car (original).
  • The registration of the car.
  • The driver’s license of the person must be current and current.

All these documents must be in the name of the person who is selling the car because if you do not have it in your name the Junkyard cannot buy it. This is a measure of the companies to avoid buying stolen vehicles.

Vehicle devices

If the car is from recent years and for security reasons it would have a transceiver “device that cuts off the power of the box” , it is necessary to inform the Junkyard personnel if it have it. And this device must be delivered to the staff at the moment the car is delivered.

It is also ideal that the keys of the car are delivered together with the junk car. But if he has lost the keys and shows that the car is his by the papers that we mentioned the workers of the junkyard will tow the car without keys. Since they understand that being a car junk the possibility of loss of the keys is high.

Cost of towing the car

If the person has a used car or is unusable and cannot move it from the site to take it to the junkyard, it is necessary to use a crane to transport the vehicle.

Most of the time the company runs the expense of the crane but it is ideal to ask about it because not all have the same rules and conditions. However, you can always reach an agreement with the company to be able to pay even between the two of them the cost of the crane that towed the car.

As you can see, selling your junk car for cash is very easy. Today in Chicago and the rest of the United States there are many junkyards that you can find even online. If in addition to that you are interested to know when working the junkyard we invite you to read the article  are junkyard open on Sundays?

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