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Frank Sinatra and his obsession with cars

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He celebrates American musician, singer and composer Frank Sinatra was an emblematic figure of the world of entertainment in the twentieth century.

But what few knew was his true passion; for this reason today we will be talking about Frank Sinatra and his obsession with cars.

Frank Sinatra and his obsession with carsWho was Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra was an American singer and composer born in the city of Hoboken on December 12, 1915. From his beginnings in the artistic medium was considered a promise of the music of that country, representing the total success in selling through his voice emblematic and of his great charisma.

His musical style broke any standard that had been established before and began to mark a milestone in American music becoming the best singer of all time.

But this character was not only admired for his great talent but also for the luxuries that represented his life.

He had exquisite tastes that were reflected in his clothing, the women who constantly accompanied him, in the houses he owned and especially in the collection of cars that he held.

His passion for cars

The expensive cars were something very characteristic of this singer; in a very short time he has a very complete and very exclusive fleet of cars.

Although he did not enjoy driving cars, he was passionate about the collection of engines. In the cars I was looking for luxury, comfort, new technologies and great powers and what better if all these requirements were in the same car.

The acquisition of his first car was already focused on these premises and although he did not have the monetary resources to obtain a very luxurious car, he focused on acquiring a good car that could later be modified.

We talked about a Chrysler Convertible from 1942, used to be a moderately luxurious car compared to others that were in the market in that same year.

Little by little the economy of the singer was improving along with the great successes as soloist and many more vehicles joined him.

This began to further awaken the interest he had in cars. Undoubtedly, Sinatra became the highest paid artist in the postwar period; when many others only managed to survive this artist began to tame his great empire.

The most characteristic cars of Sinatra

Over the years Frank Sinatra begins to make changes in his life coupled with the exponential growth of his music and all the privileges that came with it.

This gave him the freedom and the possibility of starting to acquire other vehicles and store his important automotive collection.

The most characteristic cars of its collection are:

  • With the purchase of a Ford Thunderbird of the year 55, the acquisition of luxury cars began. This black two-door convertible was the first of many other cars but will undoubtedly be the most remembered by the artist. This car will be used by the singer for his nocturnal careers in New York City.
  • Then the artist bought a black Continental Ford Mark II, is a powerful car and had 8 cylinders. By that time this car was one of the most exclusive on the market and was considered one of the most expensive cars of all.
  • He also bought a Buick Riviera from the year 65, for his trips through Las Vegas since this vehicle provided him with comfort and in turn could go unnoticed in the eyes of the people. This without neglecting the power and comfort that this car provided.
  • An emblematic vehicle of the artist is the Dual-Ghia of the 57, which is known by Sinatra thanks to a very close friend of Italian origin as was Deán Martin. Dean Martin contributed in great mediad to satisfy the tastes of the artist since he was in good knowledge of cars and I advise him on the matter.
  • This car was a silver convertible with black features, a hybrid very characteristic of the time. It had an engine of the Dodge brand and the body belonged to Ghia; of this wonderful car only a little more than 100 copies were built making it very desired by all.
  • Soon after Sinatra put his eyes on a powerful Lamborghini Miura of the year 69; of this car stood out its powerful and exclusive V12 engine of 3.929cc. In a short time he became the artist’s favorite, so much so that he did not allow anyone to ride this vehicle other than himself.

Your preference for sports cars

Sinatra paid special attention to Italian sports cars, his special weakness.

Acquired many vehicles of the time just for being in the forefront but did not mean much in your collection of cars; and in a short time he got rid of them and replaced them with newer ones.

But equally his passion for cars continued to grow and focused on technology and the functionality of vehicles.

Now his attention was fixed on vehicles that had remarkable designs, that were exclusive and that brought with him certain emblematic details that would make a difference.

As proof of all this, he acquired the following cars for his collection.

  • A Cadillac El Dorado Brougham from 1958 is the most expensive car that this wonderful singer had acquired because it was an exclusive car of the General Motors Company, this emblematic car cost around 20.00 dollars at that time and it had personalized functions, represented the most technology for the time, and was also loaded with luxury and futuristic details.
  • The Stutz Blackhawk car of the year 1971 is a vehicle that is also loaded with history since it was part of the singer’s car fleet because it was bought on a whim, since this car represented an obsession for the singer Elvis Presley with which Sinatra did not get along and wanted to get hold of the vehicle simply so that the rocker would not have the opportunity to buy it.
  • Chrysler Imperial, this car was undoubtedly created as a tribute to the artist; it was designed by the General Motors brand who decided to create a special luxury edition to ingratiate themselves with the artist.
  • This luxury car had a V8 engine 5.2 that was visually very attractive and of which only 200 copies were made and of course could not pass up the opportunity to have one of these in its collection.

Sinatra was a great music and the arts in all its splendor, who had a lot of prestige and a lot of money that he was able to invest in one of his great passions that was undoubtedly the vehicles, so much so that over the years acquired innumerable vehicles that allowed him to consolidate his great passion and came to establish a large collection of engines that stood out above many others due to the great luxury that these cars radiated.

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